Cause And Effect Essay-It's All About Suicide

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All about Suicide “Humankind’s biggest health problem is humankind” (Dokoupil 3). A large portion of the world’s population is suicidal or has suicidal tendencies; not everyone notices these people and not all approve of them. Some people think the world would be better without suicidal people because they do not understand them. Are suicidal people needed? There are many horrible contributions that add up to a successful suicide; but there are also many ways to prevent them. First and foremost, the causes. Family helps cause the way teens act. Not all parents of teens get along well. Teenagers are not blind; they can see the problems of their problems and are affected in one way or another. For example, a divorce can be a traumatic phase for someone who is growing up (Espejo 68). Most parents do not see that their actions reflect on their child; accusing them to become suicidal. The parents do not think their child could possibly have any problems, because the teen never talks about them. They are afraid that their parents would not understand or laugh it off. Adults do not take teens seriously because they generalize them with the teens that are bad, loud, and all trouble. Not all teens are exactly alike. Everyone is …show more content…
Teens have tried jumping from high buildings before so that they die almost instantly, not feeling pain for a long time. Because of the second amendment to bear arms, some teens have access to a gun or a shooting weapon of some sort. They usually aim for their brain so they die quickly, or their heart. Guns are not always good to have at home. A few teens have preferred stabbing themselves through the chest. The most common one might be hanging themselves or choking themselves. A long time ago, hanging was meant for people who committed serious crimes; most teens are not criminals. These are just a few of the methods used to accomplish death (Dokoupil

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