The Pros And Cons Of Teen Pregnancy

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In today’s time, things are much different than they used to be. In 1955 teen birth rates were higher than they have ever been at 980 of every 1,000 teens having children. These rates have gone down significantly since then to a shocking 59 as of 2010. It is safe to say that that is a major accomplishment for the United States. Sadly though, that is still a high amount of unplanned teen pregnancies that will cause quite an uproar. This uproar will consist of both judgement and unnecessary glorification. Teen pregnancy has become a glorified concept, but according to many teen mothers, having a child at a young age can have a huge effect on the teens’ daily lives, and their future lives. The definition of teenage pregnancy, according to Unicef, …show more content…
A reality that no one may know. “Being a teen mother requires many obligations that will change your life.”, says Cheryl Preisendorfer in her article “Real Life Teens: Teen Pregnancy”. The teens will worry about what their future holds. A mother will always want to support her child in any way she can. She will do anything in her power to give the child a good life even if it means her life goes downhill. On the other hand, some mothers will not have enough willpower. Many teen pregnancies, sadly, have drugs involved, and there are mothers who will not have the willpower to stop using drugs for the benefit of their child and themselves. Along with the criticism that “drug using” mothers get, any young mother will be criticized. They will deal with daily criticism, and hammering about how horrible they are for being pregnant. Even families have disowned their daughter for being pregnant although many families are shocked, yet supportive. The whole experience is honestly terrifying. In the article “Effects of Teenage Pregnancy”, Julia Bodeeb reports that many teens are so terrified that they either attempt suicide or attempt to self-abort. Reality is a hard pill to swallow for a young teen who is becoming a mother. Part of that reality is realizing that she will no longer have the social life she is used to. Her friends will most likely run out on her and she will always be left out of social events. She will worry about whether the father will stay or not, and stress about being a single mother. She will always be told horrible things about becoming a young mother. She will always worry whether or not she will be able to provide for her child and give the child a great life. No matter what she will always have something to worry about every single day because that is the reality of young motherhood. That is the reality of life kicking in, and it is not an easy

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