Essay on Teen Pregnancy : Teenage Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy Awareness Teen pregnancy is not unusual or taboo as it once was but the impact and changes it causes in young lives remain everlasting. Too young to understand the consequences and responsibilities with becoming a parent, teenage girls learn the hard way that it is difficult to take care of oneself and a baby. Parents and schools play a big role in educating our youth about safe sex and contraceptives. Three main areas that lack awareness in teen pregnancy are young mothers not finishing school, not being concerned about their health and the effects on the economy. This causes a ripple effect trickling down the issue from young mothers and their families to the entire nation (Sheen 9). First, school dropout rates of teen mothers are tremendous when compared to their peers who do not get pregnant. Therefore, young mothers also have a higher chance of living in poverty, turning to public assistance and are likely to suffer from bad health. Only fifty one percent of teen mothers complete high school and earn their diploma, compared to eighty nine percent of young girls who are not teen mothers. Only less than two percent of teen mothers will complete college by the age of thirty. Not finishing school will lead to many young girls not being able to find modest jobs and securing their futures. In addition, most teen mothers who decide to finish their education are tasked with difficult schedules, which include taking care of their young baby, going to…

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