Essay on Teen Pregnancy Is Becoming A Major Influence

1123 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 null Page
Reality television programs concerning teenage pregnancy are becoming a major influence in lives of today of adolescents. The major networks encourage young teens to view programs such as MTV’s Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and 16 & Pregnant so they will become addicted to watching the program and feel as if though they are a part of the characters reality life. Pursuant to research conducted by “Teen Health and the Media” the average American teen spends about 20 hours a week watching television reality shows, as a result teens to form their opinions and impersonate the characters on the shows. Although ratings results show that more girls watch the show than boys, the impact of the show is similar. The males reacted the same way the females did, to the struggles that youth pregnancy causes. Although teenage pregnancy statistics results show that pregnancies are decreasing, 2.5 % a year from the early 2000, adolescents who find they are pregnant face a difficult future (Telvison…). Some of the hardships may include, not graduating high school or college, single parenting, financially struggling, child care, unemployment, more adult responsibility, and the reality of adoption. 50% of teenage mothers never graduate from high school, becoming a parent are the leading reason that adolescent girls drop out of school (11 Facts…) Due to the growing trend, networks are providing more programs concerning teen pregnancies, which are depicting more teenagers engaging in sexual…

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