Teen Pregnancy Can 't Be Right ! Essay

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Teen Pregnancy Can’t Be Right! You not ready to have a baby, if you are a baby. According to recent statistics, more than 900,000 teenage pregnancies occur each year; four in ten American girls will become pregnant at least once during their teens. Since, this topic is such big there are two sides the for teen pregnancy and the against teen pregnancy. People for teen pregnant feel that it is okay for teens to become pregnant as a teen. People against Teen Pregnancy feel that teens should not be able to get pregnant as teen. However, teen pregnancy is not good for no one because of society is giving money to support teen mothers, most teen mothers are in poverty, and most of the children and mothers have disadvantages throughout there hold life.
Teen Pregnancy is something that should not be “entertained”. A lot of money that society make go to teen mothers. According to Teen Pregnancy Is a Serious Problem, “Taxpayers pay a high price for teen childbearing. A recent study found that, after controlling for difference between teen mothers age 20 and 21 when they had their first child, teen childbearing cost taxpayers $6.9 billion each year- 2,831 a year per teen mother.” As said by Taxpayers Pay a High Price For Teen Childbearing,” We pay too much for this teen mothers.” This money could be used for foster care cost, lost tax revenues, public assistance expenditures, criminal justice cost but instead it is going to something that does not involve all people or something that…

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