Teen Activism Essay

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How do teen activists get their messages told to other people in the media? Well there are many ways that teen activists use to spread their words of encouragement. These activists spend their whole entire lives trying to inform people to fight for a cause that is affecting people in our daily lives. Teen Activists spread their inspiring messages in many ways. But, the most universal ways that they spread their messages are by documentaries, interviews and social medias.
Teen activists can spread their message by documentaries. Documentaries can inform anyone about a story of a person. For instance, Alex Libby, a teen activist fighting to stop bullying, used a documentary to spread his message. He based this documentary on his true story of
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For example, Faye Carey, a teen activist fighting for dogs to have a home, uses Facebook to inform people about dogs that she is selling. Social medias are online ways to tell people about your cause. Some types of social medias are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Faye Carey has made a career selling dogs and does it for a good cause. It is a lot easier to spread information through social medias because anyone around the world can look at what you are advertising or education people about. Social media is a perfect way to spread teen activism because anyone around the world can be taught about a type of activism.
Documentaries, Interviews and social medias are great and effective ways for teen activists to inform each other people about their action. Teen Activism is a very beneficial cause and is teaching people in countless ways. Also, these ways of using media in teen activism can motivate other teens to start making a change in our world and society. Finally, they provide a great impacts on many teens’ lives and they can become the next future teen activist. Spreading teen activism is very easy and helpful to other people in our

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