Technology : Technology And Technology Essay

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Technology is a big part of the world today everything revolves around technology. Technology changes every time an inventor gets a new idea to help society or make a new upgrade. Technology is now even in automobiles such that one can connect their phones to the car speakers and play music, internet can be routed into an automobile so that the automobile is a hot-spot and you can connect your phone to the Wi-Fi. The interest I have to technology is that my goal is to become a software developer and my major is Information Systems. I have been around technology since I was born from the alarm clock to the newest cellphone. I grew up when the internet had the dial-up with that annoying sound that came from it connecting to now where people all around the world just hop on their phones and use the internet, just as simple as that.. What I am hoping to discover is has technology changed society for the better, such as technology in education. A debate that keeps circling our world is that “should technology be used in education. Most people have mixed feelings about this topic and others seem to want to make technology not be included in education” (The Economist Newspaper Limited, 2007). To this debate 44% of people said yes agreeing to that technology has not altered education, and 56% said no agreeing to that the new technologies make a contribution to the quality of education. A big part of society is our education back in the days education just meant to go to school…

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