Technology Is Used By Students For Learning Purposes Essay

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Discussion Post #2: Nat’l Educ Tech Plan

The authors envision a future in which ubiquitous technology is used by students for learning purposes. Many students are continuously connected to their devices today for two purposes: entertainment and communication. The authors envision all students having access and using their devices not just for personal use but for educational purposes. I would argue that ubiquitous access alone will not achieve this goal; students must be motivated to expand their personal use of devices outside the school facility to include educational purposes. This will require students to be engaged within their classrooms first, which requires - as all effective programs, plans, curriculum, and instruction - that students are taught by excellent teachers. The mere presence of devices, rapid access to the Internet via wireless connectivity, and engaging learning applications is not the answer to increasing student learning, just as a closet full of school supplies, new textbooks and small classes have not led to increased student achievement. The quality of instruction and building relationships with kids must be present in rich supply for learning gains to be achieved. The authors bring new jargon that we’ll begin to hear used and see in newly published education trade books. The phrase, “everywhere, all-the-time-learning” (Not many references on Google - yet. The earliest use of a similar phrase is 2012: Click here for the article Learning Everywhere…

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