Essay Technology Is A Lack Of Engagement And Motivation

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The biggest obstacle to improving education today is a lack of engagement and motivation in the classroom. To address this challenge it is imperative to ascertain what does motivate and engage students today so that those aspects can be brought into the classroom. Most people would agree that one of the most motivating and engaging aspects of student life is playing games. Many students frequently spend hours playing games with their friends or glued to one type of screen or another. Most sources estimate that on average people spend about 2 hours per day on games, and that most youth are well above this average. Capturing this energy to improve engagement and motivation would significantly improve classroom learning. Currently there are two popular methods trying to capture this gaming energy and bring it to the classroom for educational purposes. The first is method is termed Gamification and the other is Game-based learning.
Gamification vs Game-Based Learning:
Both methods are capitalizing on the popularity of games to improve classroom performance via improved engagement and motivation. The premise of both methods is to utilize those aspects of games that students find most interesting and utilize them to make the learning process more relevant, meaningful, and effective. Both methods are generally effective at increasing engagement and motivation within the classroom for two reasons. First they tend to capture student interest and re-associate learning…

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