Horace Mann's Roles Of Intellectual Education And Political Education In Society

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“We never had it as rough as the kids have it today. Look at the price of a gallon of gas or a piece of real estate or a college education.”, Suze Orman said. (cite) We had sucessfully establish a system of cheap public education, but it is still a system with many flaws. Although changes in many aspects of education was indicated in Horace Mann’s Report No.12 of The Massachusets School Board in 1848, nowadays, there still are big problems that we need to work on such as cost of textbooks, teacher credibilities, and boredom.
In his Report No.12 of The Massachussets School Board, Horace Mann emphasized the vital roles of Intellectual Education and Political Education in society. Mann believed only intellectual education can abridge the gap
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In the recent study of 22,000 students across America, 26 percent of students reported school was boring. (cited) Once students are bored, they are less likely to to commit to schoolwork or engage with classroom activities and may end up dropping out of school. Indeed, nearly half students who fail to complete high school drop out because they find school boring. To solve this problem, we first must identify causes of boredom of schooling. Firstly, processed education reformation with the focus on output rather than input, with the goal is to let student get as much point as possible in standardized tests, forces educators to focus on delivering large amount of knowledge and reduce engagement with students. Moreover, schools have to compete with distractions outside classrooms, which are getting bigger and bigger. Video games and social media are attractive and are constantly enhanced that makes traditional education with black boards, and the lack of engagement the most boring things ever. Another element can lead to boredom is teacher’s incompetency. Teachers who fail to engage with students or do not modify his or her teaching method for different students’ preferences will leave students no excitement to go to school.
In a word, in spite of support for tuition fee, some problems in college make it costs more than people think. Expensive textbooks swallow student’s money, unqualified lecturers and boring classes eat up student’s time and motivation. Our education used to be one of the best education in the world but in the present, it does not rank as high because we fail to resolve some serious problems which have huge impact on education quality. We have to come up with thorough solutions for those problems

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