Jefferson Rush And Webster In Their Own Ways Were Trying To Create The English Education Case Study

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4-Jefferson, Rush and Webster, in their own ways, were trying to create an “American” education as opposed to the “English” education that was previously offered to the student in the English colonies of North America. Specifically what did they want to change?
The North America education system would include all its citizens in their English colonies. Both Jefferson and Rush shared the belief based on a system that would serve this new nation. This new republican education would then need the political organization to form educational institutions. Another goal was to create an American language that would support this educational system. A literate citizenry would allow the American republic to expand the wisdom and knowledge while continuing to preserve their rights and liberties. The role of the school continued to support literacy and encourage religious morality because it led to good governance.
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During this period, the woman was responsible for childcare, domestic management and household finances. Beecher wanted an improved system where women gained knowledge to assist them in their gender duties. As an educational reformer, she believed a higher education would allow other women to teach girls. Her views offered a link between domestic life and education as a result women were the ideal educators for young children. Women were best suited as instructors for moral guidance because of their social obligation created an educational environment suitable for young minds. Also their nurturing maternal instincts allowed them to become effective when dealing with young children. Feminization also meant that the public had started changing their perceptions about female roles. As a result, the social status in the teaching profession became low. It then became a profession which hired citizens from the lower

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