Horace Mann Common School Movement Analysis

4-Jefferson, Rush and Webster, in their own ways, were trying to create an “American” education as opposed to the “English” education that was previously offered to the student in the English colonies of North America. Specifically what did they want to change?
The North America education system would include all its citizens in their English colonies. Both Jefferson and Rush shared the belief based on a system that would serve this new nation. This new republican education would then need the political organization to form educational institutions. Another goal was to create an American language that would support this educational system. A literate citizenry would allow the American republic to expand the wisdom and knowledge while continuing
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What was so unique about his work and his proposal? Mann was a leading reformer for the education system in the United States (U.S.), which began the Common School Movement. The difference between his proposal and the existing schooling of the late eighteenth century was this system was going to be publicly funded. The irregularity managed school system allowed Mann to determine what skills and contents needed for an individual to pursue a higher education. When Mann was at Brown University he started focusing on social reforms that gave way to his focus on education. After serving in the Massachusetts Senate the public education system was still the same Mann experienced in his youth. Once the state formed its board of education, Mann became involved with this group. This was when he took part in pushing for a better developed, tax funded nonreligious public education system (). His work also included training teachers in educational norms and standards because in his proposals teachers were essential in promoting student learning. Mann’s educational reforms then became part of the U.S. since it received public support when they had the chance to offer their opinion on school problems. This was made possible because Mann had the opportunity to study the educational methods used in Europe, therefore he used these to campaign for these features in American education. His plans involved bringing an end to corporal punishment in schools and pioneering a nonsectarian education. These reformers found disfavor with American educators and the church, but gave way to public support in changing the educational conditions in America. The state then became the controller of public education where the government was responsible for developing the best techniques and resources for instructing its

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