Characteristics Of The Common School Movement

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The Common School Movement
Shardul Mahida

Temple University

The Common School Movement

From the earliest days of American settlement, education has been a concern. The common school movement is the turning point during the eighteenth century in the United States which changed everything about education. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the moment and how it has impacted the education in America. Three distinctive features of the common school movement: All children attended the same school and were taught the same political and social ideology; the government used the common schools as instruments to government policy; states created agencies to control local schools. This did not take place
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People did not believe in this movement because of religion and taxes. The movement really took off in early 1900s, up until then only the wealthy kids were able to get education because school was expansive. This was really unfair for the poor people that did not have such luxury or the money to get a decent education. Before the movement schools were found in small towns if the people were able to fund it themselves. They would fund this by providing food, shelter, fire wood, etc. In most cases the funding was done through cash if they were not able to provide any of the other stuff. This put a lot of strain on the families, which is the reason why only the wealthy were able to get the most education. Horace Mann saw this and wanted to change it, he thought the wealth of the community will be increased through common schooling and all members of the society will benefit from the movement. His twelfth annual report to the Massachusetts board of education reflected his beliefs in education’s ability, which will get rid of the evil society by molding children’s morals and create a new future for America (Spring, J. …show more content…
By the beginning of Civil War 50% of the kids were enrolled in the education system (Don Kauchak, 2011). Not everyone was happy because of the tax support to fund the schools, but this was the right move for United States which allowed free schooling to everyone. After seeing the results there was more support from which the school system was formed, teachers were getting the right training and supplies to teach. Thanks to Horace Mann and many other for the Common School Movement, because of them I am able to get my education and able to follow my dreams to better my future. Especially being an immigrant this movement has given me the opportunity to go to school and with equal right as everyone

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