Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

758 Words Mar 1st, 2015 4 Pages
Technology has helped yet hinder everyday life. It affects everyone and how they communicate to each other. It connects people and businesses to be able to share anything they would like. It also keeps families in touch whenever they need to talk. There are a variety of options to communicate with others. It is also the simplest form of communication when connecting to family and friends from far away. You can catch up on their lives through pictures and quick updates. As the world is rapidly becoming more digital, families are connecting but instead of talking and having a face to face conversation, they are on their phones and not interacting with the person beside them. In this day in age, many children are given phones, iPads, or computers beginning at a young age. When they are given an electronic device, it teaches them to not interact with the person verbally as often as one should. As for adults, they have adapted to the new way of communicating because it is quick and simple. “Technology can be said that it is an illusion of connection.” (Williamson) While you should be in control of how much someone should use technology, it seems that technology is is controlling the person. Children that did not grow up with technology got to play together and talk to one another. Now, many kids sit in the same room while on their phones. “Children’s absorption in technology, from texting to playing video games, does by their very nature limit their availability to communicate…

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