How Do Smart Phones Affect Relationships

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The Effect of Smartphones on Relationships
Smartphones are powerful devices that have many advantages, but they distract us from relationships. Smartphones get in the way of our relationships, making it impossible for us to wholeheartedly devote our attention to the present moment. Smartphones have become a distraction because we want to be connected but we forget the present time. For example, people go out together for dinner but they stay connected to their smartphones and forget the other people they are with. They post photos of their dinner and chat with faraway people on their phones and they distract themselves from the real time with others.
Couples and Relationships
One of the reasons for a breakdown of communication between couples is smartphones. It is hard to have real communication when your phones keep beeping alerts. Many non-urgent notifications take us from real conversation. In
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Smartphones have become individual entertainment in the family. It is changing the way of the communication between the family members. Smartphones are pulling families apart (Trukle, 2012). The time that families spend together is important for improving family connections. Smartphones have divided everyone on his own entertainment and the link between families has become weaker and lea children to isolate themselves with their own phones resulting in an addiction to smartphones.
Isolation caused by smartphones. According to Keith Hampton (2009) that mobile phones have isolate many people for the family and discussion confidents because the use of the smartphones (Hampton, 2009). Use of smartphones is not only isolating us for the family or friends it is isolate us for looking around us and enjoy the life. For example, many families now a day have to buy smartphones for their children to let them feel the happiness and be in the track of the life but it is actually take them for the actual

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