Technology And The Medical Field Essay

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Since the start of the century, the use and advancements of computers in modern society has exploded. One such example is the medical field, where computers have rapidly become the norm, and continue to expand and solve new problems that previously plagued the field. Of the many problems facing the medical field this specific research will focus on paralysis of limbs and spinal cord injury resulting from brain trauma and these injuries can be improved with the introduction of computers and biotechnology related to a brain computer interface therapy.
“Brain computer interfaces (BCI) or brain machine interface (BMI) take signals acquired from the brain, analyzes, and then decodes the signals into commands that are transmitted to output devices that carry out the desired actions” (Jerry J. Shih). The two types of BCI systems are invasive and non-invasive. “Invasive systems involve electrodes used for signal acquisition being surgically implanted near or on the brain, whereas non-invasive systems involve electrodes being worn on the scalp of the patient” (Brain- Computer). In order for any BCI system to function, “a series of four components must occur: signal acquisition, feature extraction, feature translation and device output” (Jerry J. Shih). Which the type of system and devices used depends on the intent of the therapy for each patient. Therapies using BCI have been reported to restore different levels of nerve function after severe neurological injury has occurred. This…

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