Technology And The Human Life Essay

944 Words Nov 6th, 2016 4 Pages
We are no longer living in the dark ages but the new millennia where technology is the growing trend among the human life. For me and for others like me argues that technology does contribute to the betterment of the human life by making us smarter and it can also cause someone to become lazy depending on who is using it. The implementation of how people depends more on technology indicates that technology is making some people lazy and at the same time technology saves lives through how it is being used to help sustain human life. We can only determine what technology means to human life by the quality of life that an individual illustrates through their interaction with technology. The paradox of technology is that it plays two roles in society because it seems to make the human life better and also damage human life when it causes people to only focuses on technology and nothing else.
Technology has become a beacon in the human life such as how Nicholas Car illustrates in the essay “The web has been a godsend to me as of libraries can now be done in minutes” ( Carr; 53). Nevertheless, education and a new learning style has emerged from technology making students computer proficient. The heavily controversial debate on technology presence in society has demonstrates a prominent implementation of the core fabrication of society through various curtilage such as cell phone, reproduction, communication and education are contributors to the presence of technology.…

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