Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

1160 Words Apr 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Did you know that eighty-three percent of American adults own a cell phone? Technology has effected spelling, grammar, and written communication in both good and bad ways. It is very interesting to see the effects of technology on how people write and spell in day to day life.
Although most researchers believe that technology has negatively impacted people 's ability to spell, read, and write, some researchers believe that technology helps students learn in the classroom. The impact of technology on society must be weighed between helping people to learn and the problems that arise by using technology. "Technology quickens and simplifies tasks for students, yet it has ingrained in them an attitude that they do not have to put effort into anything they write" implying when students do not put forth effort, the quality of writing is lower (Bronowicki). Technology has made students very dependent and causes them to rely more on the ability of technology than the students own abilities. Because students do not have to put as much effort in their writing, the students writing drops in quality. "Much like texting, students want to get everything written as fast as possible" so students trying to write quickly will make many mistakes in their writing (Muhammad). Since students try to write everything faster, many mistakes occur in their writing and are unseen by the student, so the mistake is not fixed. When students try to write faster their work suffers and lacks the quality…

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