Technology And Interpersonal Relationship With An Intelligent Operating System

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Technology is gradually altering personal relationships, specifically having a huge impact on romantic relationships. Currently, dating someone could be limited to simply texting or FaceTiming that person, and having minimal to no personal or physical relationship with that person. Romantic relations take up several new forms and definitions as society’s availability to various technology devices increases. According to Hare, technology is getting in the way of real romance. The movie Her, a science fiction romantic comedy that sets in future Los Angeles, follows the journey of a man as he forms a romantic relationship with an intelligent operating system. The movie explores and addresses the affects of technology and interpersonal relationships in the modern society.
Her begins by introducing the main character, Theodore Twombly. Theodore works for a letter company; his job was to write heartfelt letters for people who are unable to write the letters themselves. Also, he is introduced to viewers has a very sad, lonely man. Theodore speaks to his phone to play “melancholy song” as he walks down the street with his head hung low. Theodore is shown to be lonely because when he arrives home; he is the only one that inhabits the house. As he enters the house, he has flashbacks about him and his wife Catherine. This revealed that Theodore was once married and is now going through a divorce, which is why he is constantly sad. In addition to introducing Theodore, the first few…

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