Team Work Case Study

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The most efficiency leadership in the team work in 21 century
-Transformational leadership
Team work is the major part which form a organization in 21 century , there are 5 factors that suggested by Hackman and O’coonor (2005) to ensure a successful team work :
• A real team with clear boundaries, interdependence and reasonably stable membership
• Clear and consequential purpose
• Organization that enables teamwork
• Supportive social system and structures
• Coaching to enable team to work through opportunities and challenges (Hackman, 2004)

In this concept, a leader in the group working is essential both toward to the efficiency of complete the tasks and successful complete the team work . what is counted as a successful A simple example
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Besides the highly expectation from the leaders would bring huge pressure to the leader , Charismatic approach always drives those followers who is being participate in the team work and follow every step that the leader has made , which requires the leader has to always make the right decision to do the task . As the example has be mentioned , Hitler is the typical charismatic approach leader .The followers of Hitler didn’t considered about the right or wrong the process is going, since they all got affected by their leader . To enhance to the real life , during the group activity , if we follow everything that the leader says and without consideration, one’s won judgment cant be always right. From this point of view , to have a successful outcome of a team work , the power of leader cant be blinding added up .On the other hand , as a total opposite point that the servant approach is too focus on the followers instead of the team , so called altruistic calling (Barbuto ,2006 ).The leader need to services the followers to achieve the common goal (Blanchard and Hodges , 2003 ) .Under the situation , the leader’s own benefits and opinion might be buried since the leader always put the followers ‘ need and want before his own . The leader is actually lack of power , in the long term , the leader might lose the self confidence of being a leader . As well as the wrong focus point that the beneficial party need to be followers primarily instead of a whole group ‘s

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