Team-Based Training Approach Paper

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Team-Based Training Approach
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Team-Base Training Approach

The main purpose of team-based training approach is to provide the appropriate learning platform for employees and getting their best working skill and effort towards an organization. The purpose of the team-based training is used to enhance the capabilities and skills of the employees regarding their working and operative capabilities. The team-based learning approach enables learners to grasp the practical knowledge as well as the theoretical knowledge of the subject (Paige et al., 2014). This approach also provides conceptual and procedural knowledge to the employees. The chosen organization of our interest is the banking sector, where several training campaigns and session has been initiated in order to enhance the abilities of the employees. This team-based training approach also enhances the productivity of an organization and also reduces the cost of an organization.
The team-based learning approach depends on the small or maybe large groups, which may require interaction with them, this team-based training approach provide learning and instructional strategies, which is useful for both the instructor or learners
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The accountability of learning is also an important factor that must be considered in mind while taking the team-based training. The people who learn through the team-based training are able to bring their quality of work by interacting in the effective and efficient way. This allows them to behave and foster their trust in a unified manner. Several practices in the team-base training allow individuals to perform well and develop self-confidence in them. This training session allows people to face challenging situations during their work without any external

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