Teaching The Analytical Skill Of Sorting Essay

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Sorting is a skill that is often used to solve problems in both the civilian and military world.
Although it seems like an easy skill it requires some practice and some idea on how to set up information in a usable format to solve a problem. This presentation is a simple game but it could easily be made more complex and although no technology is required at this simple stage if the game is expanded technology becomes useful to solve it.[ CITATION HQD141 l 1033 ]
TARGET AUDIENCE: I teach soldiers how to become analysts at the 35F course on Fort
Huachuca. Some skills we try to teach are critical thinking and intelligence analysis for use in products created for the commander. We teach a number of analytical techniques one of which is sorting. I developed a simple sorting game that can be used by the soldiers to teach this basic skill but it could be used almost any age group if properly modified.
TECHNOLOGY REQUIRED: Actually nothing is required but this game could lend itself to a number of technologies to include an IPhone or Android. I would recommend a computer with a link diagram program, especially if the number of messages is increased to allow for more participants. EDUCATIONAL GOAL: Teaching the basic analytical technique of sorting
NUMBER OF PLAYERS: This game can be played individually or as a group. If a…

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