Teaching, Supervision, Training And Support For Junior Doctors And Medical Students

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I have demonstrated ability in providing medical education, teaching, supervision, training and support to junior doctors and medical students throughout my career. Examples include:

• As a medical student, I gained valuable teaching and supervising skills through a unit ‘Doctors as teachers’. This unit enhanced my understanding of adult learning which was invaluable when creating presentations for various departments and different audiences as a junior doctor. I have completed a number of case presentations which are outlined in my curriculum vitae but one particular example was during my emergency rotation. My case presentation, in my final rotation as an intern, in Rockingham Emergency discussed the difficulty in assessing elderly patients which also explored valuable learning points from my experiences. Dr Ellis, my supervisor and assessor, commended my choice of case, presentation style and the information included. I received positive feedback from colleagues as they found my case to be relevant and that it addressed key learning points. Another presentation, while an intern, conducted in the General Medical Department of Albany Health Campus (AHC) reviewed up to date evidence of beta-blockers. I successfully targeted both juniors and seniors with this presentation providing essential details of commonly used beta-blockers but also reviewing recent evidence in particular therapies such as heart failure and atrial fibrillation. I received positive feedback surrounding…

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