Teaching Strategies : Learning And Learning Essay

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Teaching Strategies:
I will be providing information that allows students to understand. Each student will be able to construct his or her own knowledge by personal experience and world based experience. Learning new information will allow each student to develop successful knowledge. They will become creative and critical thinkers by the end of the course. The information students receive will allow them to foster it. Our mind is mirror like, our new knowledge and skills will be reflected. I will be sure to help each learner experience new things so it gives them more insight. How we think is how we learn. Our knowledge is important because “we” the learner constructs it. We have a different set of experiences and perceptions that are different from everyone, so this is what makes learning unique and different for each of us.
Cognitive X Language X Ethical X
Physical Psychological X Social X

Students will adapt with how they learn through out the course because it is created for different types of learner. Connectivism and constructivism are a big part of the course. Technology will be involved. Students will be able to use the tools provided that will allow them to learn the material correctly. This will allow them to be more motivated and focused through out each lesson. I encourage students to explore the tools that technology has to offer. This will give the students experience so they can excel properly. When students excel they reach a great amount…

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