Teaching Reflection : Post Reflection Essay

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Teaching Reflection 2: Post Reflection
“It is easy to quickly cut across the surface and then claim there was nothing to find” –Ken Norris (You are reading too fast). The experience I have had in this course is just incredible. At the very beginning I thought that it will probably be about theories and traditional methodoly. However, it swiftly changed to be a more dynamic, structured and well-organized subject. We as English teachers had the opportunity to visit different educative centers both elementary and high schools, as well as the English Language Center at MSU. The opportunity to observe different techniques, approaches and methods was valuable and we are highly motivated to put them into practice when we go back to Panama.
First, I learned many things during my eight weeks at MSU. I was able to observe different classes at different schools, to develop a series of assignments both by myself and some with my classmates. The class time was admirable structured by the teacher and she scaffolded every single activity. Furthermore, I was able to present some teaching demos along with my classmates and we learnt a lot from all the groups’ presentations as well.
Second, I learnt that we must be able to provide the students with all the tools they need to achieve the goals at the end. There’s a procedure by means of what we can achieve this. This was a phrase that was our headache for more than five weeks until we find out what it was “Meaningful communication”, that is…

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