Essay on Teaching Methods And Methods Of Cooperative Learning

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Teaching Methods Including the Use of Cooperative Learning

Teaching methods that I believe in include, individualizing instruction, cooperative learning, and progressive education. I teach in a way that is fair and beneficial to the needs of a variety of children. As an educator, I think that lessons should be able to be changed or modified according to the needs of the students. As a teacher, I promise to create an inviting classroom that has a home-like atmosphere, so that the children, parents, and families feel welcome. I find that promoting the home-school connection has a positive outcome on the children. Furthermore, I believe that guidance is the best way to handle situations in the classroom. Children often need to be guided into making the right choices and decisions. I plan on doing this by promoting active listening, communicating in ways that are clear and concise, and modeling good behavior. In regards to cooperative learning, I believe that learning to work in a collaborative environment is beneficial to a child’s growth and development. During my professional career, I plan to work in opportunities for my student’s to work together and build off of each other’s learning. According to the research done by Richard Schmuck (2013), John Dewey emphasized the social aspect of learning and the theory of progressivism in the educational environment. Dewey argued that if humans are to learn to live cooperatively, they must experience the living process of…

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