My Pedagogy Approach To Teaching

Being a part of Rocky View School District means joining a community. I would use my strengths and abilities to foster relationships within this community. Everyone wants to be heard. I believe it is important to take the time to listen, include everyone in conversations and to explain how decisions are reached. By doing this, individuals are supported and the visions of the community are upheld, which will foster unity.

My pedagogy approach to teaching is all-inclusive. I take the time to get to my students as individual learners possessing unique interests, strengths, and talents, which make our classroom whole. My approach to teaching is holistic. I share my understanding of the curriculum with my students but also require them to engage in the learning process. For instance, when I teach Social Studies, I do not simply tell them that the European Explorers invading North America impacted the First Nations. I model the value of understanding another’s way of life which allows them the opportunity to develop an empathy for the challenges and changes that have occurred in our countries past and the issues that we are facing in present day Canada.
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Students also have individual learning needs and I help students reach their potential by tailoring assignments according to their learning requirements. For example, when I worked with a group of gifted students I would give them special assignments that encourage higher level thinking that they would present to the class. While working with a group of students who required additional support in the classroom I make accommodations by adjusting assignment pacing, technology usage, teacher-student conferences for personalized teaching, use our Resource Support

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