Teaching Is Always Been A Passion Of Mine Essay

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Introduction Teaching has always been a passion of mine. To me there has always been something about helping children and seeing the difference I can make in children’s lives. Teachers are the professionals that can make a difference in every child’s life they teach. I believe that every child should know that they can do anything they set they minds to. I believe that all children can make a difference. I believe in the words of Rita Pierson, “I am somebody. I was somebody when I came. I’ll be a better somebody when I leave. I am powerful and I am strong. I deserve the education that I get here. I have things to do, people to impress, and places to go. You were born to make a difference.” As a teacher, I want my students to know that they were born to make a difference and they can do anything they set their minds to do.

Classroom Organization and Climate I believe that the classroom’s climate and organization will play a huge role in the success of my students. I will strive to create the atmosphere that will transform the lives of all students by creating positive learning environments. My classroom will have a neutral theme of black, white, and yellow. Fresh scents such as plugins will be placed in the room and checked weekly. I also plan to have items that you normally find at home to allow my students to feel peaceful and calmness. I will strive to have my classroom be a positive environment for my students to feel comfortable. I will have centers…

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