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To get a better understanding of what meaningful teaching is I interviewed two different teachers. First, Mrs. Cox is a self-contained third through fifth grade special education teacher with more than fifteen years’ experience in the field of Special Education. Then, I interviewed Miss Mundy an inclusive first grade classroom teacher with five years of teaching experiences. Although there are many differences between Mrs. Cox and Miss Mundy, such as year experience, classroom settings, and grade levels, their answers to the interview questions were very similar.
First, I Spoke with Mrs. Cox. I could tell that Mrs. Cox was a seasoned teacher. She has a real passion for teaching especially the Special educational field. When asked, “Why did
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Although it was very clear she did not have as much experience as Mrs. Cox, she still had just as much enthusiasm and passion about teaching as Mrs. Cox. When I asked her, “Why did you want to become a teacher? Why do you continue to teach?” her reply was very similar to Mrs. Cox, “I have wanted to be a teacher my whole life. Being around kids was something that I always enjoyed. I love helping kids and watching them grow. Seeing them finally catch on to a topic and seeing their eyes light up makes all the struggles and work worth it”(J. Mundy, personal communication, March 18, 2016). When asked, “what is necessary for a meaningful and worthwhile teaching and learning experience?” She stated, “To create a meaningful and worthwhile teaching and learning experience, the teacher needs to create developmentally appropriate and engaging lessons. If the lessons created are not developmentally appropriate, the students will get lost and lose focus. If the lessons are not engaging, the students will get bored and lose focus as well” (J. Mundy, personal communication, March 18, 2016). In addition she feels, a meaningful learning experience is key to a successful classroom environment. Without engaging and developmentally appropriate lessons, the students will get distracted and bored which will begin to affect classroom …show more content…
She has several students in special education and the way her schedule is lined up, the special education children go out during Workstations/Small Group. Then they will return during Phonics time. She finds that Phonics is the most challenging time for them to return because she has to find and facilitate work that is on their level while keeping the other students focused and on track. She recognizes that her special education students need a lot of support and she finds it very challenging to give them that support and give her regular education students equal support. Some changes she would like to make in teaching is to change the curriculum in order to meet the needs of all the students. She believes that the information that is expected to be taught is appropriate but the speed that it is taught causes many students to get left behind, especially the special education students. If teachers had the ability to alter the curriculum, they could reteach information that seemed to be confusing for the students or simply slow down so that all students can keep

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