Teacher 's Truly Influence A Person 's Future Essay

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Teacher’s truly influence a person’s future. They act as the source of our knowledge.
We learn different things from them than we have learned at home. But how would the teacher know if they are doing an excellent job? If not, what is needed to be changed. Evaluating a teacher is one of the processes for improvement, but we need a criteria to evaluate person’s performance. As I evaluate the performance of my professor, I wouldn’t reveal her name. Because I want to show what kind of skills she had rather than knowing who she is.
First I will start by naming all the classes I have taken from her. Last semester I had Public Speaking, Literature 1, Literature 2, and Writing 101. Currently, I am taking Writing 201. All five classes from her. Who she is? Are you ready? Now I will spell out her name, and used it to described her skills and characteristics towards her career.
Let 's start with:
Best English Professor at Fort Peck Community College and most challenging Professor I’ve ever had. You might think I 'm a little biased on her, well I am, because I like her way of teaching or I wouldn’t have taken all of her five classes if she wasn’t that good.
Radio announcer: She works at the KVCK as a radio announcer. This is related to her teaching career at Fort Peck Community College as an English Professor. After touching a little bit about her profession let’s talk about her strength.
Accountability: She takes her job seriously with commitment and full…

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