Teacher Education Program Reflection Essay

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Teacher Education Program Reflection Essay The end of my methods semester is quickly coming to an end, and I am mentally preparing myself for what lies ahead. While preparing for my life to begin in August and become a first year teacher, I am reflecting on the theories, practices, and knowledge that the WTAMU education program has given me. In this reflection, I share my experiences that connect to the knowledge and skills that WTAMU has given me to become an effective teacher. Finally, I will discuss my goals I plan to achieve for the duration of my teaching career. While working towards my degree as an ec-6 generalist, I have been introduced to many different types of lesson plans. Each type of lesson plan I received information on deemed to be beneficial for its respective subject/field. A lesson plan can invoke effective teaching when used correctly. For example, the Madeline Hunter format asks that teachers: introduce the concept, provide an anticipatory set, write an objective, model, check for understanding, and provide guided and independent practice for students. This type of lesson plan encourages students make connections with what they currently learning. This helps to begin scaffolding instruction. Scaffolding, along with guided practice, and independent are based on Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development. This prominent concept is undoubtedly crucial. Scaffolding will entrench that students’ knowledge is captured through a series of phases with gradual…

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