Tea Marketing System of Bangladesh Essay

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Executive Summary 2
Introduction 4
History of Tea in Bangladesh 5
Tea: an Overview 6 What does a tea leaf contain? 7
Tea Health Facts 8
Different types of Tea 8
How is Tea Grown 10 Tea Estates 10 Plantation and Environment 10 Growth 11 Cultivation 11
Tea Production of Bangladesh 12
Tea Marketing system of Bangladesh 15
The Role of the Auction Houses 16
Internal Market: Internal Consumption of Tea 17
Exporting Tea from Bangladesh 20
Export Market 22
Country-wise Export of Tea 25
Bangladesh Tea Board 26
Bangladesh Tea Research Institute 27
Problems of the Tea Industry 28
Suggestions 31
Conclusion 32
References 34

Executive Summary

Tea is the most popular
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During this period, export of tea declined because of increased consumption at home, especially in West Pakistan.

The war of liberation in 1971 caused severe damage to the tea industry of Bangladesh. The gardens also suffered heavily because of the war. Protected market of West Pakistan was lost. The auction sales in ‘Chittagong’ were suspended. The cumulative effect was a fall in output of tea gardens. The new government of Bangladesh appointed a committee in 1972 to make detailed study of the problems faced by the industry. The committee suggested measures to raise productivity and to reduce cost of production and marketing.

After that, Bangladesh has developed very quickly as a tea producing and exporting nation. At present, Bangladesh has 163 tea estates and 114 tea factories- most of them situated at the Chittagong and Sylhat division. The total land area occupied by the tea industry of Bangladesh is 114,288.26 ha.

In the year 2005, these tea estates had produced 60 million kgs; which is only 2% of the total global production. Among these total production, Bangladesh has exported only 9.01 million kgs; which was 33% less than 2004- mainly due to increase of internal demand.

At present, the tea industry is facing a multitude of problems. Lack of capital and modern machinery, lower market value of made tea in comparison to increasing production cost, lower yield per hectare in comparison to

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