Task Strength Essay

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Task A – Strength Essay

Throughout life our experiences shape and form our personalities and our lives. A combination of education and real-life situations help recognize and identify our strengths and weaknesses. One of my strengths is leadership. Becoming a strong leader does not happen overnight but can begin to develop at an early age. My strengths as a leader is recognizing and adapting to the skill sets and personalities of my team. Gaining trust and respect is another key to my success. I have led many projects, task force, and work groups. I have led initiatives that included my peers along with upper administrators. Maintaining a level of emotion and project confidence leads to positive outcomes. My ability to communicate effectively is another one of my strengths. I am able to work with my peers, leaders and subordinates by becoming an active listener. Having the ability to actively listen, allows me to hear every word and process its meaning. This has enabled me to think before reacting. Other communication strengths include identifying verbal and non-verbal ques. My goal as an effective communicator is to ensure that my message is clear. My strong written communication skill allows me to focus on the message and limit potential confusion or misunderstanding. Throughout the years working in management I had to learn to be organized. This was not my strongest skill early in my career. Since then it has become a strong attribute to…

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