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Managing Organizations and Leading People Task 1 Dustin Fogt
Western Governor's University Managing Organizations and Leading People BIP 2
December 21, 2014
Managing Organizations and Leading People Task 1 A1. Description of Organization
In this organization and leadership analysis I am going to be analyzing the SMC Corporation of America. The reason I selected SMC is because I am a current employee of SMC. SMC Pneumatics has been a leader in pneumatic technology since its establishment. The guiding principal that navigates SMC is automation and labor savings. The SMC mission statement is:
SMC is dedicated to deliver
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This is no different for a corporation like SMC. Mike employees a team management style of management that gets everyone involved and assigns tasks according to those individuals’ strengths. Even in difficult times, leadership manages to stay ahead of the curve and keep on point with what everyone, especially the employees want and need. Many of the employees at SMC have been there for over seven years and there seems to be very little turnover. Many companies say that they want their employees to have a healthy work life balance, but when an employee needs time off for a family matter that employee is made to feel guilty. This is not true at SMC as I can attest to their commitment to a healthy work life balance. When my son was born he had some health issues that required me to miss a great deal of work and SMC was very supportive during this tough time for my family and myself. I believe the reason for this is because the primary leaders from all the departments throughout SMC believe that in order to be a good employee one must have a healthy life outside of work and by giving employees the tools to create a healthy life outside of work creates a better employee. This is a way that, according to Yukl, (2012), “leaders can improve the performance of a team or

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