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Based on my research the employee’s doesn’t have a valid case under Constructive discharge.

Constructive discharge is when an employee leaves her job because her employer made her working condition so terrible, that she was obligated to quit. Under EEOC Reasonable Accommodation & Religion “the law requires an employer to reasonable accommodator an employee’s religious beliefs or practices” retrieved from http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/practices/index/cfm / Our former employee claims that because of a change in the company’s work schedule, her shift falls on Sunday. This makes her unable to worship. Assuming this employee did not ask her supervisor to change her work schedule, or ask if she can switch with another employee. She does not have
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This created hardship on other workers, if Roadway was to change his work schedule. The district court dismissed the case.

If we have to ask someone to take her shift, we would have to pay them overtime. If more employees ask for schedule changes, it means that we have to pay them overtime as well. This will require our company to pay more than our minimum pay. In one of the cases: (Farah v. Whirlpool Corp, 2004) 40 Muslim factory worker needed to pray 5 times a day, of which 2 during office hours. If all of those employees pray at the same time, the factory line would have shut down and it would create a hardship to the employer. The jury gave the verdict in favor of the employer.

In one of the cases Wessling V. Kroger Co, 1982) an employee asked for a schedule change because she need to decorate, set up and take care of children before a mass. The court dismissed the case because this not a religious belief under Title VII.

There are steps we should take to avoid any legal issue. We should implement flexible procedures for the employees to meet religious belief and practice. The supervisor should ask if any one would like to voluntarily swap their shift with an employee who needs to leave due to a religious practice. If the employee has problem with the schedule, they should be able to talk to the supervisor about their religious beliefs and this will give the supervisor enough time to

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