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In today’s increasingly competitive retail market, companies are always looking for ways to improve performance and increase revenue. One important area some companies excel better than others in is staffing. Who a company chooses to staff it’s stores as well as how it chooses to do so will greatly affect the chances of its success. After reviewing the Tanglewood case, we have come up with some suggestions pertaining to staffing quantity as well as quality. Our suggestions are as follows:
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Tanglewood is a chain of retail store selling items like appliances, electronics, and home
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Employees. * Each store is managed by a single individual – store manager * He/she has three store managers working beneath him/her * The assistant managers for softlines, hardlines, and operations and human resources. * Department managers * Shift leaders * Associates
Total: two hundred fifteen employees per store.
Culture and values. * Tanglewood has emphasized employee participation and teams. * Vision for employee relations is: “if you tell someone exactly what to do, you’re only getting half an employee. If you give someone the space to make their own decisions, you’re getting a whole person.” * Tanglewood has well-defined ordering job responsibilities, but tries to involve employees in the decision process as much as possible. * The most important element is an emphasis on “straight talk”. * Every shift runs based on a team concept.
Human Resource function. * Corporate and store-level...

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