Tamil Tigers : Sri Lanka Essay

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The Tamil Tigers were based in northern Sri Lanka. Founded in 1976, the Tamil Tigers are widely regarded to have been one of the most organized and efficient terrorist organizations in history, their soldiers ranging from five to ten thousand guerillas. The main objective for the tigers was to create a new, independent state in both northern and eastern Sri Lanka for the Tamils, the native group of Sri Lanka. The founding of the Tigers was sparked in 1972, when the Sinhalese controlled Sri Lankan government proclaimed Buddhism to be the official religion and Sinhala to be the official language, an action that was received with much offense in the Tamil community. Initially, the Tigers were one of many resistance groups, but soon emerged to be the dominant organization after their attack on Sri Lankan security forces prompted riots across the country. Through the 90s and early 2000s, the Tigers continued their work, assassinating the Sri Lankan president as well as the former Prime Minister of India. The group assassinated dozens, if not hundreds of people including people within heads of state, the government and parliament and military offices, as well as bishops, cardinals, activists, journalists and educators. Possibly the most remarkable thing about the Tigers was their invention and development of the suicide vest. Suicide bombing was a huge part of the Tigers approach to terrorism and in particular, they are known for their use of women and children in such bombings.…

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