Taking Care Of Myself : Essay

1881 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
Taking Care of Myself: I have mixed feelings on the success of this area throughout the semester. While my efforts surrounding my first goal of tracking my sleep were commendable, my efforts to eat healthier were wavering. I consistently used a sleep tracking app to ensure I was getting enough rest. While I only met my sleep goal approximately 1-2 days of the week, I was much more aware of the amount of sleep I was getting. If I had not prioritized sleep in this way, I believe that I would have been more sleep deprived which I know to be detrimental to my mood and my overall ability to tackle life’s challenges. I feel confident that I will continue to acknowledge sleep as a main contributor and a determinant of quality of life so I will continue to prioritize tracking sleep.

My second goal was to take care of my body through prioritizing a healthier diet. This was a more difficult guideline to adhere to consistently. In times of high stress, I did not consider that limiting emotional eating was a goal that I want to achieve. When my excess will-power was diminished, eating right was the first value of mine to get overturned. I believe that eventually getting in the habit of eating more healthfully would serve me well both physically and mentally. My body would feel better and I would also find more constructive ways to deal with bad emotions, rather than the destructive comfort eating behavior. While I did not accomplish this goal this semester, I will continue to work…

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