Taco Bell Case Study Essay

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General: Identify and address key issues behind recent outbreak and food safety image while maintaining customer loyalty and consumer behavior.

Action: Investigate, test, and report all possible sources of E. Coli and Hepatitis A (including all midpoints between farm and restaurant), evaluate store sanitation procedures and inventory logistics, report findings and recommendations as required by regulatory agencies.

Communicate: Once sources are discovered, provide public disclosure as to the source of bacteria and reasons why outbreak will not happen in the future. Address with regulatory agencies failure in current processes focusing on the safety of regulation enhancement.
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Taco Bell is a division of one of the largest food service companies in the world. The message and implementation needs to clearly address all direct and peripheral issues as well as provide comprehensive framework for solution. As in all food service industries, food quality is the top concern and customer satisfaction a close second; particular attention in my message needs to address that Taco Bell is aware of this.


DATE: January 2, 2001

TO: Divisional Presidents of Taco Bell and C-Level of YUM Brands


RE: E. COLI Assessment Plan and Food Safety


As all of you know, we have had three national disclosure incidents relating to the food safety and quality in our Taco Bell brand. These three incidents have involved two points of product distribution, one incident with a Retail Supplier and a Genetically Modified Additive (GMA) and two different Food Born Infections (FBI) at Taco Bell storefronts. In a recent random audit at the retail level, our packaged corn shells tested positive for an ingredient that is not approved for human consumption in the United States. Additionally, multiple Taco Bell storefronts have allegations (with high certainty) of infecting individuals in several states with either E. Coli or Hepatitis A.

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