Synthesis Essay On Abortion

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Between 1962 and 1965 an epidemic of German measles invaded the United States. The effects of the measles causes deformities within the children. (Gold 15) The defects of the babies who were affected by the measles was partial motivation for the Pro-Abortion movement in the late 60’s and early 70’s. On January 23, 1973 the United States supreme court ruled that women have the constitutional right to abort a pregnancy. This constitutional right struck down laws in 31 states and required 18 more to rewrite their laws with exception to New York whose abortion law was very liberal. (5) In 2012 the CDC said that 699,000 abortions happened in the United States that year. 13.2 percent of women aged 15-44 years had an abortion in 2012. The abortion …show more content…
This process is also known as hypertonic saline or salt poisoning. In this procedure the doctor sticks a long needle through the mother 's abdomen. Then he or she proceeds to take 50 to 250 mL of aminofluid out of the womb and replace it with a solution of concentrated salt. (Abortion 1) The fetus breathes in the salt and dies from dehydration, brain hemorrhage, and convulsions (Methods 1). The fetus’s skins get extremely scorched and deteriorates. The patient then delivers the dead fetus within 12 hours of the procedure. The maternal effects of a saline injection can be seizures, comas, or death. (Abortion 1) Another type of third trimester abortion process known as injection and stillbirth. This method can be used from 25 five weeks to term and takes several days to complete. On day one of the procedure the doctor injects the patient with a digoxin injection. Digoxin is a chemical used to treat heart problems; A high enough dose can cause cardiac arrest. The doctor inserts the needle through the patient 's abdomen or vagina into the fetus usually targeting the head, torso, or heart. At this stage in the fetus’s development it can feel a tremendous amount of pain and the fetus dies. After the fetus dies, the doctor inserts multiple sticks laminaria into the cervix. While the patient waits for the cervix to widen she carries the dead fetus within her for 2 to 3 days. On day 2 the doctor replaces the lamaria. After that the doctor will perform an ultrasound on the patient to make sure the fetus is dead. If the fetus is not dead the doctor will inject another lethal dose of digoxin to the fetus. By day 3 the patient should go into labor and deliver the lifeless fetus. If the fetus does not come out the procedure turns into a D&E. The risks to the patient could be lacerations, hemorrhage, uterine perforations, future pregnancy complications, and maternal death. (Levatio

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