Essay on Synergy System Components Of More Detail

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Synergy System components in more detail:
Website - (Goal: fully built in 10-48 hours)
Even without any experience or know-how I believe in the beginning it’s good for you to gain a good grasp on setting up a website yourself. As mentioned, it’s easy for your site to be up in a matter of minutes and have at least a rough version completed in a few hours.

Unlike the dinosaur days of the internet, you don’t need to know a bunch of complicated code. There are three phases to getting your website up, each takes about 10 minutes (less once you have the hang of it). Then to get it running its a matter of creating pages and filling in content. Writing content is the hardest part.
The domain Name
Your Hosting
Content Management System

You can think of the 3 phases like a physical store. The domain name being the name of the store, the building being the hosting where everything physically sits, then a Content Management System (CMS) which might represent the layout of the store that determines the user’s experience of navigating the store and how you stock the shelving space. I suggest WordPress for the cms.

There’s an abundance of full service website design companies that handle everything from registering your domain name (the URL for your site) to site designing, hosting, and marketing it so you don’t have to. Though the cost is accordingly much higher. If you want to go this route though, here is a link to a company I suggest using.

Domain Name:…

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