Essay on Symptoms And Treatment Of Lung Cancer

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Back in 1878 lung cancer was almost a rare disease; it was only one percent of all the different types of cancer. Scientists thought, in later years once the idea that cells split, reformed, and split again, that the reason there was little talk of cancer in the ancient world was because people did not live long enough. But in the EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES by Siddhartha Mukherjee traces the history of the disease from 2500BCE to the present. By the early 1900s cancer seemed to be increasing. Or were people really just living long enough to get the illness diagnosed. The symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer have been studied and analyze to have a better understanding of the disease, there is no cure yet but hopefully it’s in the near future. Lung cancer increased during WW1 when people started to smoke partly due to the high level of stress from the war but mostly because cigarettes were made more available. (The cigarettes making machine was invented in 1881.) Even during the early part of the 20Th century cigarettes were called "cancer sticks." The increase in lung cancer led Fritz Lickint an anti-tobacco activist and doctor to speak out about the increase of lung cancer in people and how he studied and found that there was a direct correlation between lung cancer and smoking. He broke down his results into four stages: first stage is when the cancer only affects the outer area of the lung and does not get to the lymph nodes. In the second stage the cancer…

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