Hereditary Cancer Research Paper

Hereditary Cancer

Cancer is one of the most unknown subjects in the medical world. When it comes, why it comes, and how to effectively contain it is still being studied. Treatments have been available to lessen the cancer, or in some cases, take it away. The medical community has come so far in our knowledge of cancer. Splitting cancer into two specific groups of somatic cancer and hereditary cancer, researchers are getting more information. By understanding how hereditary cancer is formed, learning how it works, and seeing the new discoveries for cures, we will observe the cancer that is passed from one generation to the next. To fully understand how hereditary cancer is formed, it is important to realize cells are the building blocks for every living thing. Each cell has its own job- to work and function together. If a particular cell in the body does not do its job, the rest of the body can not function properly. This is why cancer is so critical especially if it spreads. Little by little the cells will stop working like they should. In the cells is where it all starts. After all, hereditary cancer is just a group of cells that happen to mutate. Cell mutation is actually
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Twenty- three chromosomes from each parent are passed down to the offspring. Hereditary cancer starts here. When the chromosomes start to split, the ones affected by cancer will get the chromosomes mixed up. This causes chaos for the rest of the chromosomes. If one of the chromosomes has a cancer gene in it, it will be passed to the offspring along with the others. This means the cancer gene is in every cell of the offspring. With the offspring aging and producing more cells that are more likely to mutate, this raises the odds of them getting cancer. Just because the offspring has the cancer gene, it does not mean they automatically are going to get cancer. The risk of them getting cancer is much greater than before, but guarantees

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