Essay On Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer in Elderly Individuals The risk factor for elderly individuals increases as they continue to get older and continue their bad habits that can cause them to have lung cancer. Smoking can be responsible for a lung cancer cause, and also the exposure to asbestos can be a risk for this horrible disease. Lung cancer is known for killing both men and women. It is a proven fact that lung cancer is the number one in killing the most individuals then the other types of cancers. Lung cancer is the most common cancer found in individual’s world wide. They continue to find new types of this disease every sing day. Elderly patients that come in contact with this disease are excluded from a lot of the treatments that are given, because they …show more content…
There is many ways to die from lung cancer. Lung cancer can cause someone to have a stage of pneumonia and it is a struggle to breathe and only gets worse from that point. One minute the patient can be fine and breathing and in the next they are slowly leaving this world. The illness causes the patient to not be able to breathe at times and the body goes into shock. The awful disease can cause the patient to start bleeding from the mouth and when it comes out there is no way to help them before the ambulance makes there way there. There is also not enough to get them to a hospital before they are gone. The illness causes the patient to have a weak immune system. They get to the point where they feel like they can not get food in their system without throwing it back up. The body can only go without food and water for so long before the body just shuts itself down. They are not even able to drink sometimes because it is hard to even swallow liquids. The body has to have solids and liquids for it to continue fighting off the disease that their body has came in contact with. After the body gives up it slowly begins to die. The infection part of the disease is an immediate cause of death. When leaving this world the only thing that can help the people that lost someone that they cared about so much knows that that person does not have to suffer or go through the horrible pain any longer. They do not

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