Symptoms And Symptoms Of A Good Pharmacist Essay

728 Words Nov 30th, 2016 3 Pages
Since birth, I was ill so often that I could hardly go a week without catching something. Thankfully, my illnesses were mostly colds; my weak immune system couldn’t fight them off. My grandparents tried many means to make me stronger: Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, vitamins, exposure to the sunshine, etc. Nothing worked. Each time I got sick, I had to take medications because my body could barely recover by itself. I could not pronounce the names of those drugs, but I wondered how they worked inside my body and how those small white pills could kill the “bugs” that made me sick. That curiosity heightened my interest in pharmacy. According to a Chinese proverb, “Prolonged illness makes a patient a good doctor.” In my case, I hope my illnesses will make me a good pharmacist. When I grew a bit older, I started to know more medications, including their functions, dosages, precautions, and side effects. What I went through during childhood has shaped my dream by determining pharmacy as my future career.
I have done my best to be fully prepared for this field. I took the AP classes required for pharmacy schools and then attended one of the best pharmacy schools in the nation. After taking two years of pre-pharmacy, I am even more certain that pharmacy is the right career for me. I enjoyed learning about how drugs have different effects on our system; it’s amazing how one part of our body communicates and collaborates with another and how microorganisms interact…

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