Analysis Of Like Chocolate For Water By Laura Esquivel

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The novel “Like Chocolate for Water” consists of drama, passion, and love. Its written by Laura Esquivel. The way the author used drama and love was through cooking. And connecting to those you love through a passinate dish. Esquivel used food something that everyone loves to reveal Tita’s inner emotional reality. Throughout, the main curiosities of the readers were. Tita and Pedros love and the way it was translated through food. Such as the quail in rose sauce, Chili and walnut sauce symbolic for there unrestrained love.

Food is Tita’s life. Everyday she is cooking in the kitchen. It’s the only thing that is intencly regular in her life. She in confined by her abusive mother who expects Titi to fill the role of “youngest daughter” and
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But when she is upset or destressed they have a matching negative conatation to them. Some foods are positive foods, like the quail in rose sause, that spur up feelings of sexual awakaning for all who ate the dish, the food is really that powerful. The gift of roses to congragulate her first year of being the main chef of the whole ranch given to her from Pedro made her so overwhelmingly happy and awakend, that she put all of those feeling into the food as she was making th rose sause. Creating a cause and effect on the whole family when they ate the quail. They cause such strong feeling in fact that it drives Gurtrudis to run off with a strange man, work in a brothel and become a general in the Mexacan Revoloution. There is power in Tita’s food, a strong power that helps her to full express what is going on inside her …show more content…
Ever since Tita was little eggs have stood out as a negative ingredent. She hated eating eggs as a little girl her mama forced her to eat them, so they have never sat right in her mind, they bring up bad memories for her. As Tita is distraught after the announcment of Rosalitia and Pedro’s wedding, while making the wedding cake with Nacha, is crying into the cake batter as she is cracking each egg into the batter. The sadness that was baked in that cake was felt by everyone who ate the cake as soon as they had their first bite. The amount of passion and emotion that Tita has in realtion to the foods are so strong that they have literal meta-physical effects on all who eat them. That surge of emoion was in Tita to such a stong degree that once she started doing somthing expressive, such as cooking, the strong sence of emotion that she is feeling goes directly into each dish, just as a painters emotion would flow into a painting. Once the painting is done, one who looks at the painting would be able to tap into the emotion that the painting was created with. So just as a painting holds emotion, food dose in the same exact way for Tita. But insted of people viewing her expression as traditional art, they feel the sarrow, the pain and the extacy of joy through eating the dishes that Tita prepairs whilst in each specific state of

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