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Register to read the introduction… Toyota has created philosophies and techniques which are now implemented commonly in every organisation in the world which is called as the Toyota-style management and manufacturing technique. Toyota is well known for designing and manufacturing of concepts and future cars. Toyota was the first company to manufacture powerful and high quality hybrid car in the year 1997 (Chambers, 2008). Toyota used combination of fossil fuel and electricity for power and manufactured its well known car called ‘Prius’, which gained popularity all over the world within short time. Toyota launched hybrid Prius in Australia in 2001. We will be discussing about the marketing plan of Prius in Australian market and revolution it would create in automotive market.
2. Mission Statement: Toyota’s mission is to deliver outstanding automotive product and to provide service to their customers. It also aims in enriching our community, partners, and environment. Toyota’s four core values are customer first priority, respect for the people, international focus, continuous improvement and innovation .
3. Situation Analysis: It is the analysis of the vast amount of information regarding the organisation, product and the situation they are facing (Cohen, 2005). It consists of various environmental factors and experts call it as process of environmental scanning.
3.1. Internal Environment:
It consists of the situation
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➢ The car is much pricier than non-hybrid cars.
➢ Fuel saving is limited, and only if the car is driven within the limit.
➢ It has low speed
➢ Customers has limited choice
➢ The maintenance can be costly as lot of electronics and computer are involved
➢ Targeting the people who are environmentally conscious.
➢ It can be used to lower the global warming concerns
➢ As technology becomes more and more affordable, car can introduced in lower income segment
➢ There is also scope for future government policy for transition to hybrid technology.
➢ In non-hybrid cars with gasoline and ethanol blend, gives good mileage and have lower emission problem
➢ Diesel technology also gives good mileage, but has emission problems
➢ There are threats from small cars like Honda Civic or Mazda 3 which are fuel efficient and less costly than hybrid cars.
➢ To pay four to six thousand dollars more to get twenty five percent improvement can be a tough decision to make.

3.4. Critical Issues:
➢ Will the cost of hybrid cars Prius be reduce?
➢ Can lower economic segment of society be able to buy
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The promotion of the Prius can be done through mass communication media. There should be continuous advertisement in news papers and magazines about the cars and its features. Television commercials are expensive, but they are very effective strategy in promotion. Other media is radio and hoardings which can influence customers to buy car. The brand image of the product can be made by sponsoring some sports events or similar kind of promotion, which will boosts sales of the car. One of the better ways to promote Prius is associate it with some celebrity from Hollywood or some sports or cricket personality. This will create a different image of car for the

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