Slim Star's Advertisement Analysis: Cheerios

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The product developed as a competitor to Cheerios is named Slim Stars. The logo consists of a star inside a circle and says Slim Stars on top in black on a large font and under the circle it says Tasty and Will Slim You Down, Slim Stars’ Unique Selling Proposition, in a smaller font. The purpose of using a star in the name of the brand and as a picture in the logo is to build an image of a healthy cereal as popular. Teenagers and parents are the key target audience for Slim Stars because they are always aware of what new breakfast options come out and are willing to try new products. The objective of the advertisement is a pull strategy where Slim Stars wants its target audience to gain demand for the product by emphasizing the value
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Slim Stars should spend at least 30 million dollars in advertising. Six big name cereal products get at least 30 million dollars spent on advertising and if Slim Stars wants to become well known with the public a good amount of money will have to be spent on advertising. Informative advertising will be key as creating and building brand awareness will be important. Slim Stars will advertise on social media such as Facebook and Instagram to target teenagers and parents. On Facebook there will be advertisements which will show the box of Slim Stars with a celebrity holding it and when the ad is clicked the person will be taken directly to the Slim Star 's’ Facebook page. On the Slim Star 's ' Facebook page there will be details about the product including ingredients, facts on the health benefits Slim Stars has to offer, and even pictures of celebrities holding Slim Stars. People will be able to comment on the page and will also be allowed to put pictures on the page. Slim Stars will advertise on Instagram through placing a picture of the Slim Stars logo on the home page. Many teenagers use Instagram and will gain awareness and knowledge about the brand Slim Stars and its …show more content…
We want to enter the cereal and breakfast market with a bang and mass marketing is the way to do that. We want to see Slim Stars on the shelves of the largest grocery stores in the country such as Walmart, Kroger, and Publix. We will not sell the product directly to the consumer, but it will be sold through a retailer like most major food products. We believe that we will have more success this way since it allows the product to be displayed in thousands of stores nationwide rather than just our online shop or small stores. The Slim Stars brand looks to build mutual trust with our retail partners and we hope to have common goals to be able to market and successfully sell our product to as much people as possible who are looking for a healthy alternative to their morning cereal. By having open communication and successful partnerships with our retailers we envision our product to have a great impact in a short amount of time. Slim Stars can also be bought online through the Slim Stars website. The ability to let customers purchase Slim Stars online can save them time from going to the

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