Essay about Swot Analysis Of Siemon Must Use A System Thinking

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When analyzing the data collected from the SWOT analysis, Siemon must use a system thinking approach to determine how all internal and external factors collectively affect their organization and planning efforts. “System thinking is a way of conceiving and projecting the outcome of a system comprised of many elements” (Mroz, Unit 4, 2015). System thinking also allows Siemon to see a big picture view of all the factors contributing to the Business Strategy Planning effort.
Opportunities/Growing Markets
The data center market is expected to hit $77.18 billion by the year 2020 (Vanian, 2015). “The intelligent building market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 28% from 2014 to 2018’ (Graven, 2015). In addition, more and more fiber equipment and cabling is being used within data centers to support the growing needs for bandwidth, higher speeds and faster access to greater storage (R. Carlson, personal communications, November 23, 2015). Siemen sees all of these trends as opportunities to not only grow their connectivity business, but their cable business as well. However, to capitalize on these markets, Siemon must leverage their high quality manufacturing knowledge and innovative strength to implement a cable manufacturing operation that overcomes their current weaknesses of relying on cable suppliers. In addition, they must utilize their culture to attract, train, obtain and build a knowledge workforce.
Based on the growing demand for data centers, intelligent…

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