Swot Analysis : Inditex 's Success Essay

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SWOT Analysis
Strengths ** Inditex’s success as the world’s leading fashion retailer is built upon the company’s many strengths, which also make then the market to beat. The fast fashion industry is very competitive. The product life is short and it is important for it to be unique and different from all the others. Firms in this market usually compete on pricing which intensified as companies began to utilize low cost outsourcing. Inditex employs over 1000 people in its central product department and has 13 textile manufacturing subsidiaries in Spain, 11 logistic subsidiaries, and eight distribution centers and over 6000 retail stores (Vincent, Kantor, Geller, 2013, p. 23). Inditex has great reach, both globally and within the industry. Also the brand name the higher investment in the Zara name is an asset for Inditex, also their retail formats through association. For example, if people shop at Zara clothing and really enjoy affordable good quality clothes they are more likely to shop at Zara Home for their decor needs because of the positive name association.
Currently Zara is responsible for about 66% of Inditex’s total revenue and the company and other formats make up the rest. The next biggest sale generator is from the Berksha brand, which is about 10%. Even though there are twice as many Zara stores than there are Berksha, Zara makes roughly 6.5 times more sales. While Zara is more popular worldwide than the other brands, this could affect the…

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