Sustaining And Preparing For Wwi Essay

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Sustaining and Preparing for WWI in America In the midst of the 20th century, European countries, based on rapid militarism, the desire for power through imperialism, and nationalism, along with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by Serbian nationalists and an extensive alliance system, brought most of the world into the first world war; one such country was America, which, through Germany’s unrestricted Submarine warfare and attempt to bring Mexico into a military alliance against the U.S., soon became an official allied power in the first world war. In order to prepare the nation for full-fledged warfare and sustain them both in the battlefield and on the homefront, America took drastic military, economic, and social adaptations. Militarily, acts like the Self Service Act of 1916, the Naval Construction Act of 1916, and the National Defense act of 1916 all contributed to the expansion of U.S forces during WWI. Economically, Liberty Bonds, the Food Administration, and the WIB contributed in stabilizing and supporting the economy during this time period. Socially, war committees such as the National War Labor (NWLB) and the Committee on Public Information (CPI), along with the Espionage and Sedition Acts, kept the public engaged and in support of the war effort. In regards to the military action taken by the US Government, three specific acts succeeded in building up America’s power as a fighting force to help them last throughout the war. Without these, America…

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